Silver Coin American Eagle, 1oz Silver



Obverse: “Walking Liberty” Adolph A. Weinman.

Reverse: Heraldic Eagle with Shield, symbolizing strength and endurance. Engraver John Mercanti.

Coin weight: 1 oz (31.103 g)
Silver weight: 0.999oz (31.072g)
Diameter: 40.6 mm
Thickness: 2.98 mm
Proof: 999 Silver

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins are affordable investments, beautiful collectibles, thoughtful gifts and memorable incentives or rewards. Above all, as legal tender, they’re the only silver bullion coins whose weight and purity are guaranteed by the United States Government.

Silver has historically been the most affordable precious metal. Affordability. Credibility. Beauty. They’re the qualities that have made American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins the world’s best-selling silver coins, with more than 130 million sold since 1986.

Since 1986

Authorized by Congress in 1985 and first minted in 1986, Silver Eagles are .999 fine silver, the finest silver coins ever issued by the United States. Each coin contains a full troy ounce of silver, plus copper, which is added to increase the coin’s durability to help resist scratching and marring.


Often considered one of the most beautiful coins ever minted, the Silver Eagle’s design is based on A. A. Weinman’s “Walking Liberty,” introduced on the 1917 silver half-dollar. An eagle and shield, displaying American strength and pride, backs this moving scene of freedom.

Government Guarantee

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins are America’s only official investment-grade silver bullion coins. They’re the world’s only silver bullion coins whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the United States Government. So like the dollar, American Eagles are welcome in major investment markets worldwide.

Easy to Buy and Sell

One measure of an investment is liquidity: How easily can it be converted to cash? Silver Eagles, with their unique U.S. Government backing, can be sold for cash at most coin and precious metals dealers worldwide. They’re also legal tender. Their one-dollar face value is largely symbolic, because silver’s market price has historically been higher.

United States Mint

Founded in 1792, the United States Mint is a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The official mint of the U.S. Government, it makes the nation’s circulating legal-tender coinage, and it is regarded worldwide for its meticulous craftsmanship. It also produces various commemorative and bullion coin issues. American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins are minted to demand in West Point, New York.

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