Great Britain George V



The obverse features a portrait of George V. The bust is surrounded by writing GEORGIVS V D.G.BRITT: OMN: REX F.D.IND: IMP (George V, By the Grace of God King of All England, Defender of the Faith, and Emperor of India).

The reverse has the famous motif of St. George slaying the dragon. The date of release is at the bottom. The reverse was designed by Bendetto Pistrucci.

Minted from 1911 to 1935, the George V coin was the last British gold sovereign produced for regular issue.

George V was the second son of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. A career navy officer until the death of his older brother, Price Albert, in 1890, George succeeded to the throne in 1910 and ruled until 1936. An inspiring leader during World War I, George often visited the front to rally his troops.

After the War the British Empire underwent many changes. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa demanded and received the right to self-govern, effectively ending the Empire and establishing the British Commonwealth of Nations. George V’s approach to the throne was unique at this crucial time in history. Removing himself from daily politics, he helped the monarchy evolve into an institution of family values and customs. By the end of George V’s reign, the monarchy represented rather than ruled England.

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