Gold Bar



The golden bars that we are working with are made from different refineries from pure gold. The products delivered in our office have insurance.

Standard Valcambi bars have the Valcambi logo on both sides. The bar is security sealed in a plastic package together with a certificate the size of a credit card (available only for gold ingots from 1 gram to 100 grams).

Valcambi has for many years been one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cast and minted bars. For almost 40 years Valcambi has been and still is the sole manufacturer of precious metal bars for Credit Suisse. Valcambi’s head office and refinery operations are located in Switzerland and the precious metals plant is situated in Italy.

Size 1000g – 41619,47 euro
500g – 20900,70 euro
10oz – 13018,93 euro
250g – 10947,41 euro
100g – 4375,00 euro
50g – 2247,00 euro
1oz – 1435,00 euro
20g – 929,00 euro
10g – 497,00 euro
5g – 249,00 euro
2,5g – 135,00 euro
1g – 61,85 euro
The prices don’t include delivery. The delivery is more expensive for the golden bars with smaller size and depends on the quantity of the bars you order.
Delivery in our offices is possible with less costs.

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