French Marianne and Rooster



The front of the French 20 Francs Rooster features Marianne – symbols of the French Republic. On her head she wears a cap called a “Phrygian Cap”, which was worn by the freed slaves of Rome as a symbol that they were now Roman citizens – free people. Thus the cap became a symbol of freedom and liberty. Woman’s head is surrounded by the words “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE”.

The reverse depicts a proud, fully plumed rooster along with the denomination (20 Fcs), the date, and the words “LIBERTE · EGALITE · FRATERNITE”. This phrase, which translates to “freedom, equality, fraternity”, was popularized during the French Revolution against Louis XVI.

Often called the France gold Rooster…this coin is more properly known as the “Marianne and Rooster”.

The French 20 Francs Rooster is one of the most affordable, and therefore popular, of all our classic European gold coins. Each coin contains almost a fifth of an ounce (0.1867) of pure gold and is available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

The original production run of French 20 Francs Rooster gold coins occurred between 1898 and 1914, with surviving coins from the initial year considered especially rare.

The original mintage of these coins was fairly limited. Scarcity was increased by the melting of millions of gold 20 Francs during the 1930′s after private ownership of gold was outlawed in the United States. Even more were melted in the 1970′s and 80′s when gold soared to $850 per ounce.

Size: 5.806 gr- 263 euro
2.902 gr- 145 euro

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