Ferrari – 60th Anniversary



Official Coin Edition for the 60th Anniversary of the famous italian Racing Team

60 years of Myth. Since 1947 when the first Ferrari racecar, the model 125 C, was built and down to this very day Ferrari is known as the racing car manufacturer par excellence.

Since then Ferraris have not only been built for the racetrack but also for solvent customers. The most famous version is probably the “Dino” who was named after the son who deceased very early in 1956 or the “Testarossa” which when translated means “red head”. This name was given due to the red coloured cylinder heads of the motor.

Not merely the overwhelming engine power of these cars but rather the inimitable style and the wonderful sound of the motor have made this brand famous and desirable worldwide. Whoever possesses a Ferrari is part of a very exclusive circle. The low number of cars built annually, about 400, probably sees to that.
Did the father of this make of car, Enzo Ferrari (1898-1988) ever dream of such success? Due to the special exhibition of this brand and its 60th anniversary, Palau has now released a sevenfold coin issue. Five editions thereof show a successful Ferrari model from each decade. The latest Ferrari Formula 1 race car, the F2007, is immortalised on both 38,61 mm versions.

60th Anniversary Set – Silver

Metal: Silver
Country: Palau
Year: 2007
Face value: 6x 2$ / 1x 5$
Quality: Proof
Mintage: 2’500 pcs

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