While gold prices continue to make record highs, royalty knows no boundaries with this golden throne that truly is fit for a king, but you’ll need to be pretty flush to afford it at a breathtaking £129,000. It might be £129,000 down the pan, but at least you’d be the proud new owner of one of the most luxurious loos in the world.

The golden throne was unveiled at the three-day convention last year in Haikou, China which featured 115 different eco-friendly designs from 15 different countries. A sixteen year old girl won an award at the convention for her revolutionary new design to ensure that people always flush the loo after them; as the flush button also unlocks the door. It’s a very sad fact that in this day and age there are still 2.5 billion people in the world who do not have access to clean loos.

So, if you have the real Midas touch, next time you spend a penny you may very well end up with one of these beauties. Many of these luxury golden toilets have already found their way into the homes of the opulent and super-rich, including the Swarovski-studded toilet embellished with 72,000 Swarovski crystals which is a real steal in comparison at a mere £80,000. They even offer a smaller version designed for toddlers.

As if that wasn’t already enough, the Extravaganza luxury exhibition held in Moscow unveiled the ultimate golden throne toilet costing a staggering £210,000. This gold toilet comes equipped with an advanced plasma mirror as well as digital control devices. The main aim of this exhibition was to gather together extravagant, unusual and interesting items all together in one place and also lasted for three days. It included fashion shows, on-stage entertainment and interactive presentation from dusk to dawn.

If you can’t resist the golden throne effect when it comes to the world of décor, these golden super-loos will make your little boy’s room scream out with luxuory and opulence. Some of the other new super-loos displayed at these exhibitions come with built-in MP3 players, remote control toilet seats and there’s even one which automatically cleans, flushes and kills bacteria whilst playing music for you through its built in surround sound system.