About Us

Anax Gold is a company in the physical gold and silver business. Anax Gold specializes in selling and buying gold and silver bars and bullion coins to private individuals as well as institutional investors, under the control of Anax Capital. Anax Capital helps its customers to invest in inflation-safe assets. Our company, located in London, UK, sells all over the world.

The investment in bullion coins is a time-honored method of preserving wealth. The first modern bullion coin was the Krugerrand; created in 1967, it accounts for around 50% of the bullion coin market. The value of a bullion coin is determined predominantly by its gold content, and is independent of the nominal value of the coin or the number of coins in circulation. Bullion coins are a bit more expensive than gold bars because of the costs to produce them.

Anax Capial facilitates easy, efficient, and safe access to classic investment vehicles such as bullion coins. This service is aimed at private individuals and asset managers, as well as banks who are interested in buying gold or silver bullion coin or bars up to 1000 gr. The smallest gold bar you can buy with us weighs one gram, and the minimum amount of your order is 500 GBP.

Anax Capial can offer you the best price because you deal directly with us, and we work directly with the producers and market leaders. There is no middleman.

Anax Capital specialists have 25 years of experience in the trading business and investments worldwide in Stock Exchange Markets, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and Financial Services. We deal with precious metals on a daily basis, including buying, selling, transporting, storing, insuring, sorting and reprocessing them.

Because of Anax Capial’s experience and dedication, we can assure you that we will always find the solution that best suits your needs.

Contact us: info@anaxgold.com